UNEQUAL® was invented by company Founder and CEO, Rob Vito, to help reduce pain and injury to the human body. Years of research and development plus millions of dollars have been invested into the core technology, UNEQUAL - a military grade, battle tested composite. The applications are boundless. From helmets to protective sports gear, UNEQUAL® brand products are well on their way to becoming product category leaders. With over 85 U.S. and international patents, UNEQUAL's unique shock blocking technology was originally developed for the military and quickly adapted for innumerable sports applications. UNEQUAL's multi-layer composite was initially constructed and engineered to withstand battlefield conditions faced daily by our armed forces, law enforcement and governmental agencies. A thinner, lighter bullet-resistant vest was tested and certified under stringent protocol in accordance with NIJ (National Institute of Justice) standards for ballistic resistance. That ability to help stop bullets and the energy associated with bullet strikes has been adapted to sports applications. We like to say we were born in battle and built for sport. Of course our sports gear is not bullet proof, but our military pedigree helps UNEQUAL sports gear stand up to impact shock better than virtually all plastic and foam protection generally found across the sports landscape. UNEQUAL's military grade composite fortified with TriDur™, Accelleron®, optional ImpacShield™ offers lightweight, affordable and customizable protection to athletes across all collision sports and other sports where incidental impact can occur. Professionals in the NFL, MLB, NHL and X Games, as well as thousands of collegiate and youth athletes in football, baseball, soccer, hockey, lacrosse, action sports, contact sports and other activities, wear UNEQUAL’s protective head and body gear. UNEQUAL's products have been tested by independent, accredited laboratories, OEM facilities and top universities. Recently invited to attend the White House Concussion Summit, UNEQUAL is recognized as a Forbes’ 100 Most Promising Companies, ESPN’s Top 15 Best Sports Innovations, the No. 1 tech innovation of 2013 by Esquire.com and winner of the DuPont™ Kevlar® Innovation Award.